Fairy Tales Retold - Dec 16 2020

Princess in the Mud

There once was a brave young artist by the name of Lily Gardella. She hailed from the temperate land of Texas and much like the young Snow White, she was so courageous and full of talent! Luckily, there’s no evil Queen in Texas and so she was able to express her creativity freely. She proudly shared her artistry not only with the seven dwarfs, but with the whole world!

We invite you to take a dive into Lily’s photo series Princess in the Mud to discover the world of a real life brave girl showcasing her own version of a Princess. With no attention to deterrence, Lily has tapped into her unique power to captivate an audience with these candid images of her friends dressing up as princesses and playing in the mud. 

Lily, like Snow White, is not afraid to be herself. Like most vibrant 8 year olds, she’s ready to get dirty playing and pretending with her friends. As a fierce-hearted young artist, she uses photography to forge a new meaning for what a princess looks like and does. She is taking her interpretation of a princess and inviting all other girls to dress up and be any kind of princess they want to be. To be fancy or to play freely and wildly and most importantly authentically. After all, Lily’s message to the world is to BE YOURSELF!  

Lily’s full photo series and interview about Princess in the Mud is featured in Issue 02 of Rabbel Magazine, a creative magazine and community featuring the captivating stories of fierce-hearted women and girls around the world.