Fairy Tales Retold - Jun 17 2020

5 Questions to Ask Before Picking a Book for Your Child

We all want our children to fall in love with the books we get them. But how do you know if you are choosing the right one? Here are Fairy Tales Retold’s five questions to ask before picking a book for your child.

1. Are these words easy enough?

Books are an amazing way to get your child to learn new words and expand their vocabulary. However, we don’t want it to be too difficult for them! Try the five-word rule: open the book on a random page and read it. If there are more than five words you are not sure about, maybe you should choose an easier read. Still unsure? Apply that method to other pages!

2. Can I read it out loud?

Whether you are reading the book to your child or whether they are reading it alone, you should try reading the chosen book out loud before buying it. Does it feel too slow or a bit flat? Maybe it won’t be as engaging — for either of you!

3. What is the main message?

Keep the main message of the book in mind when choosing a new read. Is it positive, diverse, and fun? Can it kickstart important dialogues and teach your child something new? If you are unsure, look for reviews online before purchasing a new title.

4. Would the topic interest your child?

Everyone is more engaged when they are interested in the overall subject, and children are not an exception. Are they more interested in adventures or fantasy? Can you find a title that relates to an activity that they already show interested in — be it sports, cooking or gardening?

5. How are the illustrations?

Illustrations can be a deal-breaker when looking for a new book for your child. Are there enough illustrations and would your child like them? Are they interactive? Little details like that can make a huge difference.